Guide to Bathroom Lighting Zones

Water and electricity make for a dangerous combination. For this reason, choosing your bathroom lighting is an important decision, and you need to be familiar with the following terms:

  • Bathroom Zones
  • IP Ratings

When you head out to purchase your bathroom lights, you must ensure you choose a fitting with the appropriate IP rating for the Bathroom Zone in which it is placed. With that in mind, let’s look at what Bathroom Zones and IP Ratings are.

Bathroom Zones

When you choose a lighting solution for your bathroom, you must establish which area of the bathroom you intend to place it in. The critical question is how likely it is to be exposed to water. Electrical safety regulations exist to break down the bathroom space into clearly-defined zones so that you can select the appropriate light fitting to ensure everyone who uses the bathroom is safe. Generally speaking:

  • Zone 0 is the horizontal area where water falls and sits (i.e. inside the bathtub or the shower floor).
  • Zone 1 is the vertical (wall) space which is in direct contact with the edges of Zone 0, up to a height of 2.25m from the floor.
  • Zone 2 is the vertical (wall) space in direct contact with the edges of Zone 1, extending a minimum of 60cm horizontally and 75cm vertically.

IP Ratings

All light fittings are given a designated IP Rating that instructs their suitability for specific environments, both indoors and outdoors. The acronym IP stands for ‘Ingress Protection’, and it is followed by two numbers which indicate its level of protection against:

  • Intrusion by foreign objects like dust (the 1st number) – level 6 is the maximum
  • Waterproofing level (the 2nd number) – level 8 is the maximum

So if the IP number is IP44, its protection against foreign objects is rated 4, and its waterproofing level is also 4.

Which lights are appropriate for which zones?

Zone 0

If you decide to have lighting inside the bath, sink or shower tray, the fittings must be low voltage with a minimum rating of IP67 to ensure they are immersion proof.

Zone 1

If you fit a light in Zone 1, you must purchase a lamp with a minimum rating of IP44. This will ensure that the fitting is suitable to withstand water spray from any direction. If the light you choose uses a 240V supply, you will need to install a 30ma Residual Current Device (RCD) to protect the circuitry in this zone.

Zone 2

As with Zone 1, if you want to fit a light into a Zone 2 area, you will need a fitting with a minimum rating of IP44.

Outside of zones

Any area that does not fall into Zones 0, 1 or 2 is well away from direct contact with any water. As such, you are not required to fit lights with any particular IP rating in these areas. A good suggestion is to purchase recessed downlights to create an even spread of light throughout your bathroom. These can be used in addition to other light fittings for a layering effect.

We strongly recommends that you hire an electrician to install your bathroom lighting. This is the best way to ensure everything is installed safely and securely, keeping you and your loved ones from any risk of harm whilst using the bathroom.

Bathroom Cabinet Buying Guide

Cabinets are the most convenient storage solution for the bathroom, but their value goes beyond that. Many options can genuinely bring your bathroom design to life, with a range of designs and finishes that will perfectly complement your style. We offer a stunning collection that includes unique features like impressive LED lighting, de-misters and motion sensor technology. The sheer amount of choice amongst our range might make it hard to pick your favourite piece, so we offer you this guide to help you find your perfect bathroom cabinet.

Illuminated cabinets

Our deluxe range of mirrored cabinets includes several lighting options to inject a high-end feel to an essential bathroom product. When you opt for an illuminated cabinet, you get valuable extra functionality that enables you to brighten your space and illuminate your face effortlessly. Our mirrored cabinets come in sleek designs that make them a real focal point of a quality bathroom design, and the lighting options are varied to enable you to find something that matches your taste.

The cabinets we offer come in all shapes and sizes to suit the needs of our customers. If you have ample wall space to install it on, a large bathroom cabinet looks spectacular and offers the most storage capacity for you. There are also medium and small cabinets, providing the flexibility to use your space, no matter the size.

Lighting options

Our illuminated mirror cabinets come with a range of different light types to meet our customers’ diverse needs. Get a soft glow from our white ambient cabinets, or even the option to change the colour of the lighting to suit your mood with a colour change cabinet. If you need to shave or apply makeup, a hallow illuminated edge or super bright cabinet should help get an exact look at yourself. Other options include side ambience and top light designs, ensuring you will find a bathroom cabinet that matches your style and delivers the type of lighting you need to make the best use of your bathroom space.

Additional features

With the modern era’s technology, why would you want to stop at merely having lighting installed in your bathroom cabinet? We offer products with various other useful features to enhance your experience in the bathroom. An obvious choice is the heated de-mister function so that your mirror doesn’t cloud over when you’ve been in the shower. Alternatively, you might enjoy a mirror cabinet with built-in audio BlueTooth connectivity, enabling you to listen to your favourite tunes while you bathe, shower, shave or apply makeup. We also offer a cabinet with a digital clock behind the mirror, helping you keep track of time with a mirror cabinet that looks like something from a futuristic sci-fi metropolis. We have various options for all of our additional features, so be sure to browse the collections to find one that’s right for you.

Non-illuminated cabinets

Of course, we will not force you to install a bathroom mirror cabinet with lighting and other special features. Sometimes, a more classical look is better, and we offer a fantastic range of non-illuminated bathroom cabinets to cater to the needs of a broader range of customers.

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