Hollywood Mirrors

Feel like a genuine movie star with a Hollywood-style vanity mirror

hollywood mirrors

Do you think stars like Scarlet Johanssen, Natalie Portman and Jennifer Lawrence sit in front of a table mirror when it’s time to get their movie star makeup done? Of course not! A Hollywood movie star needs a Hollywood mirror!

Our illuminated vanity mirrors are called Hollywood mirrors for a reason. They’re exactly what the stars of stage and screen use in Tinseltown. Surrounded by energy-efficient LED bulbs, each mirror gives off a warm, natural light that’s been correctly chosen to make it easier to apply your makeup or style your hair. 

So say goodbye to those days when a look that seems stunning under your normal bedroom light doesn’t quite feel right when you step out into the daylight or under the mood lighting of a club dancefloor.

Hollywood Mirrors – as used on TV!

They might be called “Hollywood” mirrors. Still, you don’t have to travel to California to find our illuminated vanity mirrors being used. Chances are you’ll have seen talent on your TV screen who just moments before filming were sitting in front of one of our mirrors, attended to by a professional makeup artist!

LED Bulbs

Depending on the hollywood mirrors you choose you to have there may well be a choice of LED bulbs to get precisely the right lighting in place for precisely the right look. You can have a warm, white LED that matches the mood of your incandescent lighting, giving a warm glow of summery sunshine. Or if you prefer the style of the midday sun, we can replace those bulbs with a cool LED light, which will ensure a perfect and accurate colour balance.  

Lights! Makeup! Action!

A Hollywood vanity mirror is the ultimate statement piece for any room of your home. However, we’re sure it’ll be far more useful in your bedroom or bathroom than it would be propped in the corner of your hallway! 

No matter how you’ve chosen to decorate, or your style, you’ll find a shape and size of the mirror here that suits your look and gives you the light and the space to perfect your hair and makeup before any glamorous event.

Tabletop Mirrors

If space is at a premium, but you don’t want to skimp on quality, our flawless tabletop Hollywood mirrors are your best option. They’ll fit happily on any dressing table (or even your coffee table, if you’ve decided you want to catch up on Netflix while you perfect your personal style), and are available in a range of styles. 

Wall-Mounted Mirrors

Suppose you’re more serious about your makeup, or you need an excellent mirror for your salon or beauty parlour. In that case, you need to take a look at our wall-mounted Hollywood mirrors. They feature super-bright dimmable LEDs, spaced in such a way that you’ll get the perfect light from any angle. These mirrors are available in a range of shapes and sizes and can easily be fitted to your wall without any mess or fuss. Even better, they can be customised as explained above with ambient backlighting or even Bluetooth speakers!

Freestanding Mirrors

Finally, when you’re all about that full-body style, you need a Hollywood mirror that’ll fit more than your face in the frame. Our full-length dressing mirrors stand comfortably in the corner of your bedroom and let you take it all in – head to toe – ensuring that you look like a superstar every time you step out of that front door. 

Order Your red-carpet-ready Hollywood Mirror today

Then, all that’s left to do is plug it on, switch on the lights, and feel like a genuine movie star in front of your brand new Hollywood Mirror!